Make Your Own Healthy Shamrock Shake

Do-it-yourself minty milkshakes are healthy and disclaimer: guilt free.

Photo from Getty Images.

Shamrock Shakes are back again just in time to go green for St. Patrick’s Day. The minty milkshake, as delicious as it is, comes with a high spike in sugars, sodium, saturated fats and more. I checked out the nutrition facts on McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes and let’s just say — the golden arches are not afraid to pack the punch.

According to McDonald’s, a small-sized Shamrock Shake is 460 calories, has thirteen grams of total fat and sixty-three total grams of sugar. Let’s not forget about the long list of ingredients including additives that this fan favorite drink contains.

I’m not saying to steer completley clear of Shamrock Shakes — because all things can be enjoyed in moderation — but do your health a flavor and make your own minty milkshake at home. You’re in luck because these do-it-yourself shakes are healthy and disclaimer: guilt free.

Check out this secretly healthy Shamrock Shake recipe from The Healthy Dessert Blog by Chocolate Covered Katie. This mock shake is less than half the calories of a Mickey D’s Shamrock Shake and contains healthy ingredients including spinach, a banana and you guessed it, peppermint extract.

If you are looking for more greens and no banana, Wellness Mama has the healthy alternative for you. The recipe contains spinach, mint extract, avocado and either maple syrup or raw honey. Choose the type of milk that best fits your preference.

Do you know how to make your milkshake green without adding all those funky veggies? Just add fresh mint leaves. This recipe from Amanda’s Cookin’ has only five ingredients but is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re looking for that extra touch, just add light whipped cream.




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