Local Artist Kayla Randolph Makes Ceramic Wares for Your Home

This Black and woman-owned business was born out of the pandemic.

Photo provided by Kayla Randolph.

From paintings to photography to graphic arts, the COVID pandemic has birthed new art from artists all over the world. Local artist Kayla Randolph used her free time during the pandemic to make ceramics. We learned more about her process and where her work can be found.

It was back in college two years ago when Randolph studied art and took a ceramics class, that she fell in love with the art of ceramics. “I was really passionate about doing the work and I really wanted to find ways to share my work with other people,” she says.

While she was nervous to put herself out there and begin selling her work, Randolph decided in March and April when she had free time due to the pandemic to focus on starting a business to sell her ceramics. She set up shop in the Dean Marketplace in Providence selling her cups, vases, bowls and more on weekends.

When Randolph begins to make pieces her process begins by driving an hour away to pick up the clay she uses and then she maps out what she will make. “Originally I wasn’t making multiples of anything so my pieces were just completely different from the other, but with starting a business I realized that people do want multiples of one thing,” she says. “So I drop down how many mugs I want to make, how many vases etc. and then I make them on the wheel.”

After that, she lets them dry for a day or two and then trims the edges and lets the pieces dry again for three to four days. She fires them once, glazes them and fires them again and then they are finished.

Not only has Randolph faced the difficulty of starting her business in a global pandemic, but she also started a business as a woman of color — something that comes with its own challenges. “In the art field, there aren’t a lot of Black women artists. I feel that sometimes, in certain spaces, I’m overlooked.”

In the future however, Randolph hopes to have other local businesses sell her products and she hopes to become a household name. “I just want people to go into a store, see my work and want to buy it, and get a really good reputation for my work,” she says.

To learn more about Randolph’s work or to inquire about purchasing her pottery, contact her on her website. randolphceramics.com