Illuminated Design with Mancini Fine Lighting and Design

The East Greenwich based company sheds light on the best ways to design and implement your home's lighting.


Lighting a kitchen can be a daunting task without the proper guidance. Searching online shows you how others have addressed their personal issues but may not display a good solution for you. There are so many considerations and choices with kitchen designs, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer.

“When working with kitchen lighting, we approach the design differently than most,” Marie Mancini at Mancini Fine Lighting says. “We don’t believe in just throwing up some coordinating pendant lights We read the architecture whether on-site or via a printed plan. We ask a lot of questions and prefer to assess all the kitchen components prior to doing the design work. After considering all aspects of the space, we design lighting that is both creative and functional.”

Mancini considers all types of lighting when envisioning a design: decorative pendant lights, ceiling mounted lights, recessed lights, task lights and indirect lighting. The owners’ vision, natural light, ceiling height and design details are all considered to bring together a comprehensive plan that works effectively and aligns with the owners’ vision.

“We enjoy the process of sitting with our clientele and helping them bring their investment together in the best possible light,” Mancini says. “Most of our customers exclaim they’re pleased with the process and say how easy it was working through such a complicated endeavor. I feel it is easy on our customers because we love what we do.” 

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