Meet Ian Brownhill, the Rhode Island Influencer with a Killah Accent

Ian Brownhill brings Little Rhody institutions — and characters — into the national limelight with his brand of humor.

Photograph courtesy of Ian Brownhill.

If you’re a fan of funny stuff on TikTok with a wicked Boston/New Englandish accent touting local faves like Dunkin’ and Iggy’s, or you like sultry beach reads that have hunky men on the cover, you should know about Ian Brownhill. The actor/model/funnyman/Rhode Islander is thirty-one, and one of Little Rhody’s hottest influencers creating online content daily that gets millions of likes providing just as many yuks.

What started you down the influencer road?

When TikTok was really getting going and the term influencer was coined, I thought it would be really cool to try that. I hate saying this, but the pandemic really helped because people were home looking for entertainment online, and I’ve never been afraid to try anything new; my mother, who is my rock and number one fan, always stressed trying whatever you want to try. So I did. And knock on wood, I’ve been super fortunate so far.

The numbers reflect that, right?

Yes, I have a million followers on TikTok and more than 90,000 on Instagram; that sounds insane just saying it! I’ve just been super fortunate and am most grateful.

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You’re an influencer making money at this. How?

Through TikTok mainly. I’m lucky, I’m like a video billboard for marketing companies or brands. Dunkin’ is one of them, Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo are others. But Iggy’s is the one that really got me going; they were one of the first to take a chance on me when I was close to giving up and had actually taken a security job part time. Other companies saw that and now I work for them. Iggy’s honestly is like family to me — that job sparked a fire for me and I’m so happy that candle is still burning.

Your ubiquitous ‘New England Guy’ is your best character, isn’t he?

Absolutely. Through him, with the accent and all, I make stuff up every day and poke fun at stereotypes New Englanders have. My intent is not to be offensive, but if you’re having a tough day and see my stuff and it reminds you of your funny uncle or your crazy sister and you laugh, that’s a great thing to do for people.


Brownhill, third from left, with Boston sports mascots. Photograph courtesy of Ian Brownhill.

Dude, those sexy book covers. Really?

(Laughs) Hey, social media has taken me many places and that’s just one of them and I’m so grateful for it. Super cool, no doubt … but I don’t think I’ll ever read them.

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