House Lust: A Prudence Island Retreat Overlooking the Bay

Anywhere else, this custom contemporary would be a cool million, bare minimum.

For a feature published last summer, I toured Prudence Island with nothing more than wide eyes and a few granola bars in my bag. After a slow, thirty-minute ferry ride from Bristol to Prudence, I’d arrived at an “unadulterated paradise,” as I put it in the story, “Prudence, Patience, Hope and Despair, and Little Hog Island, Right Over There,” which highlighted four other Narragansett Bay islands, as well.

Prudence was, by far, my favorite. (Sorry, Hog; I prefer a year-round investment!) It’s quiet but has some amenities, including a general store with snacks, a post office and a little white schoolhouse for local children. And if you go deep enough into the brush and hiking trails, you’ll forget you’re on an island altogether. It’s peace manifested.

Another bonus: Real estate is mighty affordable on Prudence. Yes, some people don’t want to live their lives by the ferry schedule. But a thirty-minute commute to the mainland — less, if you can swing your own speedboat — is a small sacrifice. Homes run the gamut, from classic two-by-four cottage construction to contemporary beauties overlooking the water and lacking nary a bell or whistle. One recent listing, 073 Governor Paine Road, offers the latter.

It was built in 2007 and has that shiny new feel to it, but tons of personal details — think: stained glass windows, built-ins and a high-end kitchen — make it livable today (subject to sellers finding suitable housing, of course). The home sits atop a hill overlooking the lighthouse with the bay beyond it — a million-dollar view, indisputably. But asking price is $580,000. Gotta love Prudence Island.

Here’s your House Lust:

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