House Lust: This Jamestown Stunner Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Cottage: Meet contemporary.

Drive through parts of Jamestown — on your way to Hard-Pressed Cider Co. doughnuts, maybe? — and you might think red cedar shingle cottages are the only item on the menu. We’ve come to equate the hardy material with coastal living: It’s durable, it’s modest and it blends with the landscape, lest it attract the wrath of a jealous sea.

Walls of glass — giant, sparkling windows that frame the view and invite it in — have also forged their way into contemporary design on the island. It’s anyone’s guess how well they stand up to unpredictable coastal storms, but what good is an ocean view if you can’t enjoy it through the seasons?

Enter 27 Orient Avenue, a stunning amalgam of practicality and priority. The main reason this house works? It was built this way. The home was completed two years ago by Jamestown builder and sailor, Chris Pike. It sits on elevated land, affords views of Narragansett Bay and — perhaps unsurprisingly, given Pike’s vocations — offers a bit of what you want and a bit of what you need in a home by the sea.

Here’s your House Lust:

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