Help Name the New Baby Sloth at Roger Williams Park Zoo

A baby two-toed sloth was born on May 13 to parents Fiona and Wesley, and you can help name it!
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A baby two-toed sloth was born at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Roger Williams Park Zoo gained another furry friend last month, right in time for its June reopening. 

A baby two-toed sloth was born on May 13 to parents Fiona and Wesley. According to a statement from the zoo’s executive director Dr. Jeremy Goodman, the birth was long and difficult, but Fiona and her baby are currently doing well.

We have been monitoring Fiona’s progress since mid-autumn, and to see this little healthy sloth was exciting for all of us at the zoo,” says Goodman.

In an update from the zoo, the baby was described as “quite large compared to other newborn sloths,” however its health and growth is being closely monitored at this time.

After a few weeks, the baby sloth will join its parents in the “Faces of the Rainforest” exhibit.

The zoo is asking for help naming the sloth, whose gender has not be revealed yet because the parents are keeping the baby close. All submissions require a $5 donation to the zoo, or you can buy more votes on their website. You could possibly win a sloth encounter to meet the baby!

How it works:

  • Make a donation here and write your baby name in the comments section.
  • Deadline for name submissions is June 15 at 11:59 p.m.
  • All names will be submitted to our naming committee to pick their favorite names.
  • The name with the most submissions along with the committee’s favorites will be finalists.
  • Finalist names will be sent out to the public for a vote.
  • The person who submits the winning baby name gets a VIP sloth encounter and a chance to meet the baby sloth! If more than one person submits the winning name, the winner of the encounter will be randomly chosen from those who submitted the winning name.

Submit a Baby Name!



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