Feast and Fettle’s New Select Menu Offers Date Night Meals for Home Delivery

The special Friday night delivery menu includes elevated multi-course meals that you can heat, plate and eat at home.

Last Friday’s Feast and Fettle Friday-night Select Menu included maple leaf duck breast with sweet potato puree, grilled asparagus and Tuscan white bean ravioli.

Takeout just got taken up a whole new level. Feast and Fettle has elevated its meal delivery service for a F & F Select popup experience on Fridays to provide date-night-worthy meals that include multiple courses of upscale dishes that you can heat, plate and eat at home (no babysitter necessary). After the kids go to bed (earlier than usual, I hope), open up a bottle of wine and enjoy assembling each course together.

I got the chance to test it out last Friday night. The meal was dropped off at my door and then I opened up the bags and followed the directions to assemble each course. It’s kind of like Blue Apron except that everything is already cooked for you. You just warm each course in the oven or sear it on the stove top, then top proteins, veggies or pasta with prepared sauces and accent with fresh herbs. Everything is portioned out individually for each dish, so you just follow the instructions to make your meal look fancy like in your favorite restaurant, but in the comfort of your own home.

Rather than the usual home-style weeknight meals for busy families, Feast and Fettle founder and chef Maggie Mulvena is tapping into her Johnson and Wales University culinary education to come up with more complex dishes like a cold spring pea soup topped with Greek yogurt, applewood smoked bacon, herbed oil and pea tendrils, followed by seared maple leaf duck breast served with sweet potato puree and Hakurei turnips and topped with cherry-port sauce. Last week’s meal also came with Japanese charcoal-grilled asparagus from Four Town Farm, which was accented by a lemon caper sauce, fried capers and chive blossoms. The Tuscan white bean ravioli is served with a pesto cream sauce, caramelized onion, grape tomatoes and olive oil, plus shaved parmesan and microgreens. It was a lot of food, and I wished that I had plated each dish separately, rather than putting them all on the same plate…but who wants to wash more dishes when you’re not really doing the cooking?

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Cold spring pea soup with Greek yogurt, applewood smoked bacon and pea tendrils.

At the end of the meal, we had giant chocolate chip cookies that were some of the best I have ever had.

Feast and Fettle’s Select Menu is the kind of experience where you have to put in a little effort and pay attention to directions. If you’re willing to put in some time to properly plate each dish, then you will have a terrific date night at home. Feast and Fettle will be offering this Select Menu as a popup experience on Friday nights only for the month of June, so give it a try for a date night at home and see what you think.

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