Ecstatic Ekphrastic: Public Art Through Writers’ Eyes

What Cheer Writers' Club and the Avenue Concept are giving local writers the opportunity to create and answer prompts about four works of public art in Providence.
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“Still Here” by Gaia. Photo by Jamie Coelho.

Ecstatic Ekphrastic: Public Art Through Writers’ Eyes was started by What Cheers Writers Club and the local arts organization the Avenue Concept. The two organizations worked together to create writing prompts about art pieces in Providence for Rhode Island residents to respond to in the form of stories, poems and essays. The groups teamed up in an effort to allow Rhode Island citizens to interact safely with Providence’s outdoor spaces and spark creativity for artists and writers.

The challenge began on July 1. Those who wish to join the challenge can join the club as a writer member or patron of the club here for $5-$10 per month, which will give access to the artwork and prompts. Entries will be considered until July 31.

Writers who submit their work before July 24 will be entered into a drawing for a free, socially-distanced private tour of the art pieces being considered in the challenge. Additionally, all writers will be entered into a drawing to have the opportunity to read their piece at a virtual showcase on August 13.

All applicants will receive a packet of postcards from the Avenue Concept featuring Providence’s Public Art.



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