Daytrip Inspiration: Beavertail in Jamestown

The craggy coast offers just the right dose of vitamin sea.

They say vitamin sea is the best medicine. One trip to the ocean to observe the powerful crashing surf and the undulating strength of Narragansett Bay can restore our dampened mental and physical spirits. Beavertail Lighthouse, on the southernmost tip of Conanicut Island in Jamestown, is one of those special places in Rhode Island where we soak up nature’s remedy. The ocean is known to trigger feelings of calm and contentment while healing the mind and body.


Photograph: Getty Images.

Find your own slice of sea or bay, perhaps located within walking distance to your home, and practice social distancing while wandering the craggy coast or sandy beach and soaking up the sun. While parking areas may be limited at landmarks like this, there are many waterside wonders that are accessible by foot for walking in the Ocean State. Arrive for the sunrise or come for the sunset. Breathe in the fresh air, let the blue sky flood your vision and absorb the warm rays beating down on you. You will instantly feel a bit better, even for just a moment in time.