Coastal Conscious

Blakely Interior Design reimagines a tried-and-true aesthetic with a bold twist.

For a busy Boston-based working couple, this two-story home atop an exquisite piece of waterfront property in Barrington is the perfect summer getaway. 

“You can see the Bay from every single window,” says Janelle Photopoulos, Blakely Interior Design’s owner and creative director. 

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In the sunroom, the Blakely team took care to incorporate sun-safe materials to prevent potential bleaching or fading. “The sofa is covered in a Sunbrella fabric that is soft to the touch yet very durable and easy to clean, which is perfect for this couple and their four dogs,” says Photopoulos. Photography by Greg Premru

Only one aspect fell a bit short for the couple. Hoping to complement said views, they called on Photopoulos and her team to refine a few of the home’s indoor spaces. The sunroom is a shining example. Bathed in natural light on all sides, the owners envisioned a cozy area where they could relax with a cup of coffee while appreciating the scenery. 

“Space planning was a challenge because the room is very long and narrow; the width isn’t there to naturally balance both sides of the room,” Photopoulos explains. 

So, she and her team strategically positioned the sofa against the back wall and flanked it with two chairs in the facing corners, creating optimal sightlines from every angle. Then, to prevent the space from feeling overwhelmed, they opted to forgo a traditional coffee table in favor of two small end tables. This also allows the owners flexibility, as the tables can easily be moved whenever necessary.  

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The guest rooms each display their own unique flavor thanks to Blakely’s color design prowess. Photography by Greg Premru

On the aesthetics side, the homeowners wanted a coastal look to match the home’s location. Yet while fundamentals like white shiplap walls and woven fiber textures certainly make an appearance, they were happy to embrace Blakely’s vibrant twist on the tried-and-true theme. 

“Coastal homes are really our sweet spot,” Photopoulos says, “and I think many of our clients are drawn to us because we use color in a fun yet tasteful way.” 

Aiming for a more approachable atmosphere, the Blakely team infused the sunroom with soft blues while also mixing in pops of yellow for added interest. However, it’s the navy shade, as seen in the stripes of the sofa, that anchors the home. Harkening back to those coastal roots, it makes an appearance in each of the rooms Blakely touched. One guest bedroom features a prominent blue wallpaper design and headboard, again accented by warm yellows, while another takes the opposite approach. The “green room” sneaks navy into the bedding and fixtures, but lets the more vibrant pigment take center stage with a grasscloth wallpaper. 

“I liken homes to families, where the members all resemble each other, but each individual has its own personality,” says Photopoulos. “That’s how we approach a project with multiple spaces—the goal is to switch them up but create cohesion through one consistent color throughout the home.”

In the end, Blakely Interior Design bestowed this vacation home with a stunning, unified interior which echoes its outer beauty. The updates have been a hit not just with the owners, but also with visitors who had nothing but rave reviews upon utilizing the revitalized guest rooms. 

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Photography by Greg Premru

650 Ten Rod Rd., North Kingstown,