Check Out Onne van der Wal’s Pop-Up Dining Room

The transformed trailer travels around Newport to local restaurants for a unique dining experience.


The Onne van der Wal Gallery on Bannisters Wharf in Newport is popping up around the City by the Sea with their traveling Pop-Up Dining Room. The gallery owns a trailer that was once used to haul large prints and a trade show booth setup, but it has since been sitting in storage with no purpose during COVID-19. So, it was emptied and built out to become a pop-up dining room concept. Tenley van der Wal wanted to sell the trailer a couple months ago since Onne van der Wal Gallery stopped attending trade shows, but when the virus hit and restaurants closed, the idea dawned on her to transform the unused trailer into a dining room. First they fit the floor of the trailer with carpet, then they set a table inside, strung up some lights and installed a speaker. Finally, they covered the interior walls with Onne van der Wal photography.

“We wanted something new and we also wanted to support our community, especially restaurants during this slow time,” says Read van der Wal. “We ordered take out from the Clarke Cooke House and the reaction was incredible so we decided to keep it going.” So far, the Dining Room has parked outside Bar ‘Cino and Stoneacre Brasserie and they are headed to Pasta Beach Newport and Thames Street Kitchen, too. The Pop-Up Dining Room may head to Providence in the near future and will continue to be used throughout the summer.

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