Chatter: September

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

“Full Disclosure,” July

The piece about Dyer Woods Nudist Campgrounds has inspired my cat, Palomides, to write the following:
I’m always nude;
I need no clothes.
This may sound crude
But not to those
Who contemplate
My golden fur.
“She looks just great!”
They all concur.

Felicia Nimue Ackerman

I enjoyed your piece, “Full Disclosure.” You’ve penned a sympathetic introduction to the strange world of nudism from a beginner’s point of view. Dyer Woods may be the only nudist venue in the state; too bad there aren’t more. I’ve got to question your calling us ‘naturalists.’ (Naturalist: an expert in or student of natural history; life scientist; wildlife expert.) A better word would be ‘naturist.’ To the cognoscenti among us, nudists favor landed clubs like Dyer Woods, which tend to have fences and memberships. Naturists seek outdoor venues on public lands accessible to everyone. This makes naturists more political (naturally), since we may face opposition from body-phobic local politicians and citizens. Oh, and please, if you can, avoid the term nudist colony. There are nudist clubs, nudist parks and nudist events, but nothing that calls itself a nudist colony. It’s simply a fantasy term of the non-nudist public. Congratulations on learning the joy of being clothing free in the great outdoors!

Ron Marsh

“Clam Cake Crawling,” June

How awesome of an idea. My sister and I are planning a ‘best clam cake trip’ as we speak. Thanks for inspiring us (as long-time visitors and lovers of Rhode Island!).

Christine Mulrane-Arcati
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