Chatter: November

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

Reporter, August

They forgot or didn’t know why unions came about in the first place. People were treated badly. Remember Scrooge? The corporations didn’t give out benefits, they were fought for by the unions. Many lost their lives fighting for the benefits you receive. They don’t teach union history in school. After they took many of the benefits away, they went after middle management. Upper management cares more about the company than they do their own families. When middle management started losing their jobs and benefits, people started caring about unions again.

Daniel Ahlert
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Seven Natural Wonders of Rhode Island,” August

This is a great list! I’ve been to most of these places and they’re lovely and relaxing. I guess I need to check out Stepstone Falls and Ell Pond.

Karen S. Hayes
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Snapshot, July

My stepfather was Bob Baker and he took the lines off of Peggotty (nautical for accurately measuring a boat hull so it could be reproduced). The Wooden Boat School built a reproduction of the boat, which can be seen at Mystic Seaport. Bob spent his life restoring local small craft and trying to understand how they were used. Peggotty was an early working cat boat, mostly used for lobstering. I remember as a ten-year-old in the ’60s, rummaging around under the shed that was built on top of Peggotty and helping Bob with a measuring tape, all the while wishing I was at the beach. Oh, to bring those years back.

Elisha W. Doolittle