Chatter: July

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

The May Issue
As I’ve said before, I am a loyal and true fan of Rhode Island Monthly. The May 2021 issue was no exception. There were two wonderful articles regarding our collective COVID-19 experience of coping in a new, strange world of all sorts of restrictions. The article “(Not) At Your Service” was a superb look at restaurants from the other side of the apron. COVID-19 exposed so many issues regarding frontline workers. This excellent article by Jamie Coelho illustrated the challenges of servers that we have mostly taken for granted, never giving a thought that they put their lives on the line for $3.89 an hour! I noted this article on my Facebook page in hopes that more people would read this important information. The second article by Philip Eil encapsulates the homebound COVID-19 experience perfectly. It illustrates perseverance, creativity and hope. By the way, my very favorite part of the magazine are the excellent articles by Ellen Liberman — even those from the archives. Your emphasis on learning more about our amazing state and on our natural resources is important for every resident. There is enough bad news contaminating us.
Barbara Bourgette
North Providence

“Top Doctors,” May
Forever grateful that during his battle with COPD and emphysema, my dad was able to have been under the amazing care of two of this year’s top pulmonologists.
Jen Parent
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“(Not) At Your Service,” May
Industry or not, everyone needs to read this. Insanely well-done, Jamie Coelho, thank you and to your sources for exposing something so many of our brothers and sisters in the hospitality world are battling with.
Alyssa Venuti
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An important story about the hospitality industry, mental health and fragility that everyone should read. Thank you Rhode Island Monthly for publishing this and all the restaurants that participated
in the interviews.
Jessica Latimer
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