Chatter: April

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

Get Baked,” February

The article “Get Baked” in the February issue was really interesting. Since I am relatively new to Rhode Island and I have no idea where these places are, I created a custom Google Map to show the location of the bakeries. It would be really helpful if something like this could be included in your article. The map takes little time to produce and it’s helpful when you travel around the state.

Christopher Kerr of Wakefield


We’re honored to have been included in such a thoughtful spread in this month’s @rimonthly. This article that was so eloquently written proves that it truly does take a village. Huge thanks to everyone who has gotten us to this point.

The Bakeshop at Bywater via Instagram


The Leading Man,” February

I read, and thoroughly enjoyed, the article about Joe Wilson Jr. by
Casey Nilsson. I do have a comment, though. At the very end, when Joe says, “Please, Oh my God…” God should have an uppercase g and not
a lowercase g. When people use that term, which is very common, it is meant to refer to God with a capital g. Sometimes it’s abbreviated to “OMG.”

Helen D’Ordine of North Providence


Current, February

I went into the Inskip car dealer last weekend and they had so many copies of your February edition all over. I was so proud and excited to see it. I hope one day to have the opportunity to meet you and the rest of your team in person. I am so honored and thankful to have had this opportunity.

Teresa Guaba of Providence