Q-and-A: Fine Art Photographer Jeremy Barnard

View landscape and black and white photography, plus one photo that took ten years to capture.

On Wed., April 13 from 6−8 p.m., New England-based fine art photographer Jeremy Barnard will show a collection of select pieces from his career spanning more than forty years. An event involving wine, art and conversation will take place at Candita Clayton Gallery at Hope Artiste Village (999 Main St., Unit 105) in Pawtucket, but the exhibit will be open…

Todd Oldham at the RISD Museum

“All of Everything” showcases beautiful work from Todd Oldham’s ‘90s fashion days.

When I was growing up, I never thought I would be nostalgic for the ‘90s (who could think of such a thing?), and yet here we are. Todd Oldham’s new show at the RISD Museum is a love letter to the decade when Naomi, Tyra, Cindy and the other supermodels ruled the runways – and a demonstration of a designer’s…

Rhode Iceland T-shirt Will Raise Money for Rhode Island Arts

An anonymous local group has created a website,, selling an apparel line of T-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts bearing the phrase "Rhode Iceland."

It was the gaff seen and heard around the world. A three-second clip in Rhode Island’s state tourism video, released Tuesday,  included a shot of a skateboarder in front of Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik, Iceland. Thanks to two local designers who spotted the flaw, the internet exploded with confusion and dismay. Yes, it was a huge embarrassment for all…

Explore Wildlife Close Up at Roger Williams Park

Learn to draw animals and birds with a hands-on lesson working with preserved specimens from the vaults of the Museum of Natural History at Roger Williams Park.

Artists know that the best way to get to know a tree, or a bird, or a landscape is to draw it. The act of drawing forces us to pay attention, to connect, to create a bond between ourselves and whatever it is we’re studying. But if you want to draw wild animals and birds, it’s hard to get them…

StyleWeek Northeast Season 12 Video Recap

Video shows the finale walks of ten regional fashion designers involved in StyleWeek Season 12.

StyleWeek Northeast Season Twelve featured local and regional designers over five nights of fashion shows. Each night, three of four designers sent their collections down the runway. We filmed the finale walks of ten designers to create this video recap of the February 2016 shows. The featured designers in this video include Clothes Horse Clothing, Tangoella, Devinto, La Fille Colette,…

Adult Coloring Book Nights Can Help You Beat Stress

Relax and unwind with Drink and Draw parties, or check out your local library for upcoming events.

Melt away your stress by turning to a favorite childhood pastime. Select a favorite page from an adult coloring book with its intricate designs and patterns. Rhode Islanders are de-stressing by organizing drawing parties at home and attending events at local libraries; no artistic abilities required. Rhode Island artist Amy Grace Sloan designed her first coloring book in 2014, followed…

Free Play Helps Families and Friends Facing Addiction

Four Legs to Stand On questions society’s views on addiction by normalizing open discussion around the topic.

Cancer and addiction: They are both diseases, but one is treated with compassion while the other is often met with shame. A free thirty-five-minute play, Four Legs to Stand On, brings the addiction crisis to the forefront by following a family that is coping with both addiction (the son, home after his first year of college) and cancer (the father)….

Q-and-A with Jesse Burke, Photographer for Wild and Precious

The book brings together photographs from a series of road trips traveled over five years by photographer Jesse Burke and his daughter Clover to explore the natural world.

Wild and Precious, by local photographer and RISD alum Jesse Burke (who also contributes to Rhode Island Monthly), is an exploration of Burke’s time with his daughter, nine-year-old Clover, on the grandest stage of all: the natural world. Burke took Clover on a road trip through New England and beyond, snapping photos of her interacting with her surroundings. The solo…

Lauren Greenfield Talks "Like a Girl" Tonight

The acclaimed documentarian behind the "Like a Girl" campaign speaks at the Lincoln School in Providence.

Filmmaker and documentary photographer Lauren Greenfield has achieved high praises for her “Like a Girl” campaign and for one night only she will speak at Lincoln School in Providence. The free event, which is open to the public, is part of the school’s visiting speaker’s series. Greenfield is best known for Sundance 2012 opener The Queen of Versailles, as well…

This is Not Your Weird Uncle's Taxidermy

"Dead Animals" is a stunning, melancholic audit of taxidermy in contemporary art.

Is it ethical to use animal bodies for artistic expression? Why is a 500-year-old practice re-emerging in modern art? What happens when you stitch a peacock and a penguin together? "Dead Animals, or the curious occurrence of taxidermy in contemporary art" tackles these questions and more with an exhibition, three artist talks and a day-long symposium at Brown University's David…