Angels Giving Back Returns with Annual 5K Race

Proceeds benefit the Alzheimer's Association, the PKD Foundation, and the Tomorrow Fund for children with cancer.
Female Runner Tying Her Shoes Preparing For A Run

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Dust off your running shoes, because the annual 5K race put on by Angels Giving Back is making its big return. The local charity was founded in the memory of Valia and Mario Coletta, who made a mark on their community with their spirit and generosity. The 5K race honors Mario’s love of running and hopes to keep his and Valia’s memory alive.

Founders of Colbea Enterprises / Four Seasons Market, Mario and Valia Coletta knew the value of hard work and determination. Throughout her life, Valia gave back to organizations such as the American Heart Association, Miriam Hospital, Saint Ann’s, Big Brothers Big Sisters and many others. Valia suffered from polycystic kidney disease and received a lifesaving transplant. Towards the end of his life, Mario also developed Alzheimer’s disease. In honor of the altruistic couple and their contributions to the community, 100 percent of the proceeds from the race go to the Alzheimer’s Association and the PKD Foundation, as well as the Tomorrow Fund.

Those who wish to contribute but don’t want to walk/run can choose to give a donation of $25, $50, or $100 on the race registration page here.

The details: June 11. 10 a.m. Adults $35, children twelve and under $10. Citizens Bank, 685 Greenville Ave., Johnston,