5 Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Charlotte von Meister, owner of the Nest in Providence, shares her top home organization tips for a fresh start in the new year.
The Nest, Providence

The Nest in Providence. Photography by Wolf Matthewson.

1. The very first tip for maintaining a tidy space is: Give everything a home and put it back after each use. It’s that simple!

2. If you’re having a hard time discarding while you declutter, remember that the two main reasons why we hold onto our stuff is either attachment to the past or fear of the future. 

3. The most worn category in your wardrobe is intimates, but it’s also the least appreciated. Here’s a quick activity to instantly refresh your wardrobe: Grab a bag and collect all of your worn and torn underwear and socks. Don’t toss them in the trash, but instead drop them off at a textile recycling bin. Reach out to the Nest for local resources. 

4. Before shopping and potentially bringing new items into your home, always take stock and make a list of what you already own. I see many of my clients accidentally buying duplicates because they don’t know what they have or where it is.

5. It’s OK to declutter gifts! The holiday season heralds in lots of presents, thoughtful and random alike. Don’t feel obligated to keep something just to people-please. If in doubt, book our decluttering service and you can blame me for the displaced presents.