The Best Rhode Island Restaurants and Bars for Bathroom Selfies

It may seem a little self-indulgent, but we're here for more powder room snaps.
Untitled Design

Sport and Leisure’s women’s room features a copper tin ceiling, green-patterned wallpaper and a black-and-white mosaic tile floor with a sporty pinup photograph theme.

According to Wired, regular selfies were dead in 2018. Now the self-taken photo trend extends to mirror selfies, .5 selfies and photos capturing people in the act of taking their own selfies. Frankly, I just love taking mirror selfies in cool restaurant and bar bathrooms. However self-indulgent or obnoxious that comes across, IDC (I don’t care). So much thought goes into the design of powder rooms and loos, from the selection of the mirrors, faucets, hardware and sink fixtures, to the wallpaper designs, paint colors, tile choices and the art on the walls. Much of the atmosphere can be captured in a mirror selfie as well as the outfit-of-the-day that you diligently put together (which takes a lot of thought, too). Why not capture both in one shot? Just don’t accidentally snap someone doing their business or you’ll get me fired.

While I took on capturing mirror selfies at bars and restaurants as a hobby in recent years, I also started following the amazing local Instagram called @pvdpoops.  This account features some of the coolest restaurant and bar bathrooms in the area, but it focuses mostly on nifty decor details like quirky wallpaper patterns and creative tile work with cheeky one-liners and flatulence jokes. Give it a follow and tell us your picks for the perfect powder rooms.

See a slide show of the best restaurant and bar bathrooms in Rhode Island.


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