Rhode Island Charity Breaks a Guinness World Record

The Athena's Cup put together the longest bra-chain in recognition of breast cancer awarenesses month.

Photo provided by Athena’s Cup.

The Athena’s Cup charity broke the Guinness World Record for most bras hooked together in a continuous bra-chain with 196,564 bras spanning 124 miles long. Athena’s Cup is a volunteer group dedicated to helping the fight against breast cancer by raising money for research. Plus, they spread the word on how breast exams, mammograms and healthy lifestyles are vital in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

At River’s Edge Sports Complex in Woonsocket, the record breaking bra-chain was constructed by volunteers for thirteen days. Through wind, rain and fluctuating temperatures, the city’s firefighters, police, citizens and friends hooked and logged bras, measured the distance and more to create the world’s longest bra-chain. The entire process has been documented via video and clips are available for the public on Athena’s Cup Facebook page.

On October 16, Guinness World Records adjudicator, Christina Flounders-Conlon arrived at the complex in Woonsocket. She spent hours reviewing and validating video and the bras on the field to ensure Athena’s Cup had satisfied all requirements and had in fact created an unbroken chain. At 2:30 p.m., she announced that Athena’s Cup had completed all requirements.

Each bra donator was encouraged to write the name of a loved one on the bra to honor those who have battled breast cancer or those who are currently in the fight of their lives. Their names have become a part of history and will never be forgotten.

“This chain is the ultimate symbol of women being united against breast cancer,” says founder of Athena’s Cup, Jennifer Jolicoeur. “Every bra represented a woman who believed we should live in a world without breast cancer.”