Find Your Fortune at the Dye House’s Queri Pop-Up Event

Providence artist Ben Sisto's collection of 200 decision-paralysis relief tools will be on full display.
Untitled Design 5

Photography courtesy of CC–BY–SA Ben Sisto.

Ben Sisto bought his first fortune-telling device, a Radio Shack Executive Decision Maker, in 2014. It was in jest, partly to help answer the infernal question asked of all artists: “Where do your ideas come from?” and to serve as a fun desk diversion. But he grew intrigued in the role that chance and semi-random decisions play in the creative process and started growing his collection. The Providence-based artist now owns more than 200 decision-paralysis relief tools, as he likes to call them, which will be on display later this month at the Queri pop-up event at the Dye House in Providence. The objects range from a SpongeBob SquarePants Magic 8 Ball and a hand-carved Japanese woodpecker that slides down a pole to risque coins and a Ouija board. Bring all your burning questions: Most items will be available to roll, toss and consult, with only a handful of vintage pieces off-limits. And yes, you can repeat your questions until you get the answer you like. “It will be fun and light,” Sisto says of the event. “But it might just change your life.”

The Queri pop-up will be held Oct. 20–23 at the Dye House, 46 Dike St., Providence. Visit to reserve a time slot.