Publisher’s Note: Match Making

RIM's publisher, John Palumbo, muses on the season of love.

Ah, February!

Valentine’s Day, hearts and flowers month for those who have a special someone in their lives. While scholars have debunked the myth of St. Valentine as a proponent of love (and have also documented his violent death), it seems the love connection was made by Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of the Canterbury Tales. In his time, English birds were paired for mating, which led to a precursor to the Hallmark card, I presume, as nature-minded nobility began sending love notes during this mating season. Even Shakespeare’s Ophelia was self-described as Hamlet’s valentine, long before Hershey’s and the floral industry got into the act.

In this issue we take a look at some places where you might just find someone new — for example, private clubs. They were once the bastion of the rich and powerful but who are the members today? And associate editor Jamie Coelho and some enthusiastic helpers explore local food and drink destinations in this month’s cover feature, “10 Great Foodie Neighborhoods.” Visit one or two; it’s possible that special someone might just saunter up and sit on the stool right next to you.

This month should also be a nod to St. Florian, patron saint of firefighters. Images of gleaming trucks in parades or in front of supermarkets may paint a superficial stereotype, which is a far cry from the trauma and the emotional load these brave men and women are often saddled with in silence. Associate editor Casey Nilsson has taken a poignant look at the problems in “The Things They Carry.”

So to all of you fortunate who have someone special in your lives, celebrate. For those of us who do not, may you find a match right in your very own neighborhood.

Enjoy the Rhode. –J.J.P.