Power Pup Treats Bakes Fun and Healthy Goodies for Your Pet

The East Providence-based dog treats company cooks up biscuits, doughnuts and more for your doggo(s) using nutritious ingredients.
Courtesy Of Karouz

Power Pup Treats offers fun and creative snacks and desserts without added preservatives or sugars. Photo courtesy of Power Pup Treats.

Last spring, Christine Karouz was looking for another way to support her two dogs, a pitbull and a bulldog mix, Zeus and Foxy. Her bulldog Foxy began to suffer from a severe skin allergy, and after several trips to the veterinarian, Karouz found out that most of her dog’s allergies were food related. Reading through the ingredients on her dog’s food, she realized she couldn’t pronounce most of them. 

Karouz researched a variety of healthy ingredients for her dogs and decided to make them herself, creating Power Pup Treats.

“I’ve always loved to cook and bake, but never worked in the food industry,” says Karouz. “I’m a self-taught baker, but a devoted dog lover, so I think that’s why it came easy for me.” 

Couretsy Of Christine Karouz

Christine Karouz, owner of Power Pup Treats, poses with a variety of treats offered by the dog treat company. Photo courtesy of Power Pup Treats.

After receiving powerful feedback from her family and friends, the self-taught baker and East Providence native was even more intrigued to establish this dog treat business. “Most of the ingredients I started using were based on what would be best for my dog,” Karouz says. “I’ve expanded my dog treat flavors since then just to give more variety, but I still mostly use fruits and vegetables.”

Courtesy Of Karouz 3

Photo courtesy of Power Pup Treats.

During the spring and summer months, customers and their four-legged companions can find Karouz at farmers markets, fairs, events and craft shows. Year-round, get the treats at Scialo’s County Bakery in Riverside and Seekonk, Massachusetts, as well as the We Be Jammin store in Warwick. In the near future, Karouz hopes to open up her own brick-and-mortar store.

“I want a shop where customers can bring their dogs right in to pick out their treats. I also want to talk with customers and educate them on pet food health,” says Karouz. “It’s hard to do that by owning an online bakery, that’s why I love when the market and craft show season opens up.”

As a dog lover and baker, Karouz shares her healthy dog treats for every breed to enjoy. She reminds guests that all her treats are made of human-grade ingredients with no added preservatives or sugars – made from scratch in the comfort of Zeus and Foxy’s home. powerpuptreats.com, facebook.com