Order This: Lower-Calorie Dunkin’ Drinks

Rhode Islanders sure do love their coffee, but if you’re cutting calories, what’s the best Dunkin’ drink to run on?  

Courtesy of Dunkin’

Note: This article has been updated from a version that was originally published in July 2019.

Hot. Iced. Decaf. Dark roast. Extra cream with two sugars. It doesn’t matter what time you drive by Dunkin,’ (and as Rhode Islanders know, you can’t get very far without seeing one on almost every corner), there is sure to be a line in the drive through.

Without thinking about caloric intake, saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium and more, you order your go-to coffee for the ultimate caffeine boost. Whatever you run on, here’s some alternative lower-calorie coffee options if you are cutting out excess calories this holiday season.


All nutritional information can be found here and is based off of the small size option.



Once September rolls around, it’s basically fall, y’all. We know you’ve been patiently waiting all year for those pumpkin-flavored drinks to hit the menu, so if you’re looking to treat yourself but not totally over do it in the calorie department, a small pumpkin cream cold brew made black should do the trick. It’s only 110 calories and has just 2 grams of fat. A Pumpkin Swirl hot coffee made black, meanwhile, will only set you back 110 calories. Order one of these and you’ll just have more room to enjoy that pumpkin donut or muffin!



Americano is made by mixing espresso shots with hot water, giving it a similar strength but different flavor from black coffee. The strength of an Americano varies with the number of shots of espresso and the amount of water added – in this case, Dunkin’ combines two shots of espresso with hot water creating a rich, robust drink. Or, make it iced. Whichever way you like it, it will only set you back 5 calories.


Hot Espresso

If you need a strong caffeine fix, this is the way to go. These espressos are balanced with sweet caramel and bittersweet chocolate for a smooth and bold flavor, and a single shot with no added sugar is only 5 calories.


Iced Tea Unsweetened

If you’re looking for something other than coffee but are needing a pick-me-up, unsweetened tea is your best bet. It’s 5 calories and is at least 25 percent reduced in calories and sugar compared to a sweetened iced tea of the same size.


Hot Coffee

Start with the basics. A regular hot coffee is simple and keeps the saturated fats, cholesterol and more to a minimum. Plus, it’s only 5 calories. Add almond milk at 15 calories total, skim milk at 15 calories, whole milk at 20 calories and cream at 60 calories. Add sugar if you prefer, but keep it to a minimum.


Hot Cappuccino

The espresso beans are ground, brewed and then blended with steamed milk. This beverage has a thick layer of creamy foam. Choose from skim milk for only 45 calories or whole milk for 80 calories. The milk in this drink provide extra protein and calcium, too.



Macchiatos contain two shots of espresso layered in between creamy milk and milk foam. Whether you choose hot or iced, Dunkins’ macchiatos made with skim milk are served at 50 calories each.


Cold Brew

It’s the newest coffee craze; Dunkin’ steeps 100 percent Arabica beans in cold water for twelve hours to slowly extract all the flavor into this brew. By itself, at only 5 calories, it is reduced by 25 percent in calories, saturated fat, fat, sodium and sugar compared to cold brew coffee with cream and sugar at 130 calories. (Adding cream only makes the drink 60 calories).


Iced Latte

Okay listen, lattes aren’t the most healthy of choices, but everyone deserves to indulge once in a while! But if you are looking to make it a little less calorie-heavy, you can cut them down by substituting alternative milks for the usual whole milk. A small iced latte is only 90 calories with oat milk, 70 with almond milk or 35 with coconut milk (just note that coconut milk does contain more fat).