Meet Marie Lynchie Estime of Marabou Hair Nutrients

Estime's line of hair care products will rescue your winter locks.

Marie Lynchie Estime is a nurse, Community College of Rhode Island graduate and owner of the hair care product line, Marabou Hair Nutrients. The twenty-four-year-old launched the business in the summer of 2019, followed by a website in 2020 that made Marabou hair growth and strengthening oil accessible to locals and customers in countries as far as Canada and the United Kingdom. Here’s how Estime launched the business.


Courtesy of Marabou Hair Nutrients.

Where is your hometown?
Port Au Prince, Haiti.

What inspired the creation of this hair care product line?
After trying other products and not sticking to one thing, it was difficult to find something that worked for my hair texture. I used one product and lost my curl pattern. I needed something to bring my coils back. I failed a couple times until I finally came up with the right recipe. After two months of using the oil on my scalp and getting my yearly trim, I could see the difference. My hair got stronger, thicker and shinier. All of my friends liked it, so I decided to put it out there for the public.

On the Marabou website, I read that the product’s name means “exoticism, strength, beauty and elegance.” What else inspired you to choose this name?
“Marabou” is a term used to empower women in Haiti. There is strength and beauty in the word. I have been called “Marabou” by a few of my close friends and I wanted something from my roots to bring out what I am offering to the public. I also like how the name matches the hibiscus aesthetic; it’s like a marriage of my culture. The hibiscus flower is used for remedies and as a hair elixir, and it also represents an act of love.

What are the main ingredients and how is it made?
Carrots, avocados and love are my main ingredients. First, I infuse the oil with herbs and flowers like hibiscus, chamomile, peppermint and others, then boil it with my carrots and avocados.

What are the ultimate effects of the product?
The product nourishes the hair roots to bring out strong and healthy hair. If we want a plant to grow and flourish, we feed the roots. I use the same concept for hair. My product is loaded with vitamins and nutrients to focus on hair health.

Does anyone else help you with the business?
This business is my baby. I struggle juggling full-time school, work and upholding a standard for my business. Every great thing has a group of warriors helping. The Rhode Island Black Business Association has been my backbone. I’ve received tons of help from them and it’s like a family to me. I have a few “Marabous” involved in the business, who are my close friends. They encourage me to get up every day and work on what I love. I don’t have a specific person who helps me with the business; I have an army of “Marabou.”

Can this work on most, if not all, types of hair?
Yes, and as for hair that produces oil, just a small amount is enough.

Are you thinking about adding any other products to the line?
Yes, I currently have my whipped shea butter as a second product, which can be used for both skin and hair. I am also working on formulating more natural products.

What are some hair care tips you have for the winter?
Oil your scalp, moisturize with water. Sleep with a satin or silk bonnet, or a scarf. Remember to trim [your ends].

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