How to Make it in Social Media

Social media is more than just pretty photos. We talked to some of Rhode Island's top influencers for tips on boosting your business through Instagram.

Emily Homonoff, @emilyhomonoff,

“Photography with emotion marketing/pr for all nouns”

How can a person set their account apart from others?
Don’t be afraid to hire a professional (bloggers have been doing this for years)! If you’re unsure about the quality of your work, consider having someone capture the content you’ve created.

What is most important when posting to Instagram?
I think it’s important to plan the post ahead of time… selecting a quality photo, creating an interesting caption and researching the appropriate geotag and hashtags that apply to the photo. Hashtags are an important part of the equation because, when used correctly, they are a way to be discovered by a new audience.

Kayla Mandeville, @K__Elizabeth

“Awkward millennial macgyvering my way thru marriage, motherhood and life with a camera in hand”

How can a person set their account apart from others?
Creatively approach the shot in a way that hasn’t been done before, rather than just recreating something you’ve already seen. You must be willing to put in the work to create standout content, whether that’s shooting a sunrise on a frigid winter morning or staying up until all hours of the night to shoot the Milky Way.

What is the best way to gain more followers?
Engagement. Interacting with your followers through likes and comments and responding to messages. It is also important to engage with similar accounts. It’s social media; you have to be social.

Brittanny Taylor, @brittanny,,

“Life of photographer and productivity coach @brittanny.taylor, co-founder @thebrandingedit”

What is most important when posting to Instagram? 
Ask yourself three questions.
1.) Is this interesting? 2.) Does this look good? 3.) Does this align with my brand message? If you can’t answer yes to all three, take a pass on posting.

How can a person set their account apart from others? 
Instead of focusing on photography, make sure your captions are delivering value to your audience. A great caption is going to keep them interested and sticking around for more.

Jay Davani, @instameetpvd

“@theyjaydavani is the founder of @instameetpvd, Providence’s first instagram meet-up group and owner of @mintonbroadway branding + design”

What is most important when posting to Instagram? 
Repeat after me: I. will. use. only. one. filter. A unique cohesive look and feel to your feed combined with sincere and honest captions are the most important foundations of your account. Choose a color theme and stick to it!

Why is it important to have a unified look and feel?
You wouldn’t wear an outfit that doesn’t match or submit a resume/cover letter with different fonts and paper, would you? It helps you stand out in a sea of images for your followers but also provides an overall aesthetic that is unique to you.