7 Household Items that Double as Exercise Equipment

You’d be surprised with just how many workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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Athletic Ball
Locate your nearest soccer ball or basketball and use it in place of a medicine ball. Although this sports equipment does not hold the same weight as a medicine ball, it can still be used to perform Russian twists, lunges with a twist and overhead raises that all strengthen your core.

Instead of a resistance band, use a towel for numerous arm and back strengthening exercises including push and pull chest presses, triceps pulls and rows. There are many towel workout tutorials on YouTube that you can use to help tone your body.

Heavy Book
Find a cumbersome book on your shelves and use it for weighted sit-ups to strengthen your core, plus cross-body wood chops that target your abs and obliques.Virtual Classes

Paper Plates
It’s time to work those legs! With paper plates and a wooden floor, you can do mountain climbers, inner thigh slides and reverse slide lunges. These exercises help with agility, hip flexibility and knee stability.

Laundry Detergent
A great substitute for a kettle bell is laundry detergent. Whether it’s a new bottle or an old one that you’ve filled with water, the detergent can serve as a weight in your workout. Exercises include goblet squats, two-handed swings and side bends.

Folding Chair
Not only are folding chairs great for helping maximize storage, they’re also perfect for at-home workouts. Set your chair in an open room on a sturdy surface and use it for tricep dips, inclining push-ups and declining push-ups. These exercises engage your arm and back muscles.

Battling ropes are commonly seen in gyms to increase full-body strength. If you have long, weighted ropes at your house, you can create your own battling ropes station. Try some alternating wide circles, alternating jump waves and side plank waves.