High/Low House Lust: Two Properties With Incredible Water Views

Whether you have a $360,000 budget or $2.35 million, there's a pretty blue view for you in the Ocean State.

Waterfront house hunting in Rhode Island is a little like shopping in a luxury department store. Water, water everywhere, but can you afford a drop to drink?

Some can browse well-appointed sections and choose, without sticker shock or buyer’s remorse, whatever they’d like. It’s something for the rest of us to aspire to — either through a better job, big promotion or lucky lotto ticket.

Then, there’s the economical shoppers, who find their perfect buy in the bargain section: Warwick. Residents of the state’s second largest city might balk at this comparison — I owned a home in Warwick not so long ago; I can empathize — but hear me out. The steals you’ll find on the water in Warwick might not be as trendy. Maybe they’re not archetypal, compared to the pricier goods down the way. Maybe they’re missing a button.

And that’s okay — great, even — if you’re looking for a deal. You’re still getting that name-brand view, but at a much more palpable price. Many of us, current company included, prefer it that way. We love a good bargain, and there’s none better than Warwick’s waterfront real estate.

That’s what’s great about living in the Ocean State. There’s a water view for every tax bracket. We need that perfect $2.35 million beach house by East Quonnie Beach, if only to make our waterfront fantasies all the more rich. And we need that sweet $359,900 cottage overlooking Brush Neck Cove, so we can turn our fantasies into a very pretty reality.

Here’s your High/Low House Lust:


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