House Lust: Inside a “No Expense Spared” Persian-Inspired Estate in Charlestown

The twenty-seven-acre wooded property also boasts tea and bath houses, a yoga deck and four connected water features.

It’s true: This really exists. In Charlestown. Yes, Rhode Island. 

The estate, set deep in the woods, was designed by architect Soheyll Tavakoli for homeowner and Manhattan-based psychiatrist, Hamid Moussavian. Sited on formerly Indigenous land, the house and auxiliary structures harken traditional Native American communities with a cacophony of peaks that resemble tipis. (It should be noted that Rhode Island’s Indigenous people, the Narragansetts, lived in long houses and wigwams.) It also boasts many aesthetic elements that nod to Iran, the birth country of both the homeowner and the architect. A massive Persian dome, made entirely from wood in a tongue and groove assembly, is the most extraordinary example.

In the listing, Berkshire Hathaway HomeService’s Bill Dumke explains a “no expense spared” mandate during construction, which resulted in “precision carpentry and ornate imaginative spaces, making for seamless transitions from room to room and through the walls of glass to the world outside.” And what a world it is: twenty-seven acres abutting hundreds more in conserved park land.

To reiterate: This is not a mirage. Here’s proof (and your House Lust):

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