House Lust: A Waterfront Villa for the Eclectic World Traveler

Could this be the most extraordinary property to hit the market in 2020?

European villas and New England farmhouses have a lot more in common than you’d think. They both have a deep-rooted kinship with the natural world. Views are paramount. Unadulterated materials — field stone, clay tile, knotty pine, brick — reign supreme. High ceilings and tall windows lend an airiness with which modern homes cannot compete.

Now imagine the two styles together as one. Would they wage a war? Would one dominate the other? Would the amalgamation erase the good in both to create the Frankenstein’s monster of architectural design?

If 256 East Shore Road in Jamestown offers any indication, the Old World and the New World can work together, and beautifully (don’t let the Revolutionary War fool you). This new-to-market property, which overlooks Gould Island on Jamestown’s eastern shore, served as farmland owned by preeminent Jamestowner, John Carr, during the eighteenth century. According to a 1995 architectural survey published by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission, the main farmhouse was built in 1875 for Isaac Howland and stayed in his family for seventy years, where his descendants raised poultry and cattle.

Fast forward to the late 1970s, when globetrotters W. Howard Morrison and Jone Pashalian purchased the estate. Howard’s father owned Morrison’s Typewriters on Thayer Street in Providence, while Jone ran her eponymous and much-beloved imports shop, Jone Pasha, right around the corner on Waterman. The pair made their mark on the place for nearly twenty-five years. In 2005, the home was sold to a real estate investor out of Texas, who continued honing its eclectic spirit while adding ample square footage to its existing footprint.

The result is nothing short of a design marvel: familiar yet exotic, and wholly evocative. Here’s your House Lust:

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