Haven Fitness Installs Workout Pods Amid COVID-19

The workout studio is adapting to keep their instructors and fitness enthusiasts safe. 

Photo provided by Alison Cavallo.


We talked with Haven Fitness owner and lead instructor, Alison Cavallo, on how the workout studio is adapting amid COVID-19 and what they are doing to keep their instructors and fitness enthusiasts safe.


How did you come up with the glass partitions? Is COVID-19 the driving force behind these?

Our inspiration for the glass partitions, or “pods” as we’ve affectionately named them, stem from the need for practical solutions to create a safer and compliant workout environment. We’ve always prided our studio on being a warm and welcoming environment, focusing on the physical and mindful benefits of movements. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has signaled a new standard for what fitness studios like ours must have, and the pods felt like the best investment we could make to reassure our clients that we are taking the crisis seriously for their safety and ours. The crisis has had a disproportionate impact on small fitness studios, ours included, and the pods allow us to maximize our space while ensuring we go beyond the state and CDC guidelines.


Are the pods temporary or will they stay up indefinitely?

Nothing about this crisis has been predictable and we’ve been clear with our clients since the quarantine that we would take an agile approach with their safety, and the safety of our instructors, at the center of our decision-making. Sadly, it’s hard to see when we’ll be in a more favorable phase of this crisis, so, the pods are in place until we learn more. The construction and materials used were selected to future proof our studio assuming we’ll be operating under the state’s guidelines for some time.

Photo provided by Alison Cavallo.

How have your members reacted to the pods?

So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! We’ve tried to draft off our clients’ feedback since the start of quarantine and the pods were just one of the options that they told us would make them feel more comfortable to work out indoors. The pods are just one piece of our COVID-19 response plan, which also includes a new check-in process that takes many of our before and after class routines outside of the physical studio space, new cleaning routines, modified use of equipment, personal cleaning stations assigned to each pod and a variety of outdoor, in-studio and virtual class options. We will continue to gather feedback from our clients, adjust to their needs and get as creative as we can to keep them moving!


How many pods are there total?

With the addition of the pods we can accommodate eleven students in our physical studio space, so the classes remain intimate and safe.  Each pod is outfitted with its own disinfectant cleaning station, equipment needed for class and access to barre space.  Each pod is surrounded by 4-feet- by eight-feet quarter-inch glass barriers that are cleaned between each class. We’re currently phasing in the pods conservatively and will scale capacity as we gather feedback from our instructors and clients.


What types of classes do you offer?   

Our studio focuses on four main styles of fitness including barre, yoga, cardio and pilates (mat style). All of our instructors are experienced and certified group fitness instructors, always making sure to accommodate all fitness levels throughout each class. We also offer virtual classes.