Feast Your Eyes on PVDonuts’ Friendsgiving Donut

The brioche-based treat is topped with fried chicken from Bucktown.
Photograph courtesy of PVDonuts.

There’s never too much of a good thing when it comes to PVDonuts and eccentric pastry creations. For five years, the Providence doughnut shop has whipped up the Friendsgiving Donut, created in the days before Thanksgiving. PVDonuts owners Lori and Paul Kettelle went so far as to have the name trademarked, which took about a year and a half to obtain. The treat is brioche-based with cranberry glaze, and topped with mashed potatoes, stuffing, fried chicken from Bucktown and finished off with a gravy drizzle. “People tend to associate doughnuts as being sweet treats, which is something we proudly specialize in with all of our over-the-top creations. But what most folks may not realize is that our base brioche dough isn’t that sweet at all,” say Lori and Paul. “It contains way more butter than sugar, which gives it a neutral taste, allowing it to be the perfect vessel for anything sweet or savory.” They went with fried chicken rather than turkey, from local West Side restaurant Bucktown, to commemorate a holiday that the business owners have been celebrating with their own friends for nearly thirteen years. “The thing that makes us most happy is how many people tell us that the Friendsgiving Donut has become a part of their annual Thanksgiving tradition.” 79 Ives St., Providence, pvdonuts.com