7 Rhode Island Distilleries to Put You in Good Spirits

Drink locally crafted spirits in the very spots they're made.

Courtesy of South County Distillers

These seven distilleries let you drink locally crafted spirits in the very spots where they are made.

Newport Craft Brewing and Distilling Co.

A fledgling idea between four college friends with a garage space in 1999 has since morphed into a portfolio of sixteen craft beers and nine distilled spirits. Newport Craft — the first licensed distillery in Rhode Island in more than 135 years — has come a long way. Visit the tasting room and try the Thomas Tew rum and the dry-style gin, perfectly served chilled. The newly renovated outdoor space will also be ready in fall 2023. The details: 293 JT Connell Hwy., Newport, 849-5232, newportcraft.com

South County Distillers

This distillery is the lovechild of Ryan Gwozdz of Mayflower Brewing in Plymouth, Mass., and Alan Brinton of Grey Sail Brewing in Westerly. In 2018, they expanded on the Grey Sail campus, offering craft spirits including vodka, gin, agave and white rum. The distillery follows the “grain-to-glass” process. Spirits can be tasted in the top-floor room shared with the brewery, and guests can take home a bottle (or two). The details: 63 Canal St., Westerly, 212-7592, southcountydistillers.com


South County Distillers creates a lineup of gin, bourbon, agave, rum and vodka. Courtesy of South County Distillers.

The Industrious Spirit Company

Industrious is the first distillery in Providence since Prohibition. It boasts tasty cocktails mixed with made-in-house gin and vodka or the coveted bourbon, and locally sourced and foraged ingredients. Enjoy takeout drinks and bottled spirits from the comfort of your own home or select from the house menu on the heated and covered patio. Order food from various food pop-ups, or Caribbean cuisine from Garden of Eve restaurant, which can be delivered from down the street. The details: 1 Sims Ave., #103, Providence, 626-4696, iscospirits.com

Rhode Island Spirits

Owners Cathy Plourde and Kara Larson founded the distillery based on
a love of botanical ingredients and small farm partnerships. With backgrounds in homebrewing and foraging, the two found an intersection between their passions. The Rhodium gins, vodkas and liqueurs are the flagship spirits, but try the Rhode Island Red vodka, with flavors of tart cherries and cranberries from family bogs with a touch of hibiscus and rosemary. For the fall season, the distillery features a plum gin, blueberry vodka and spiced bourbon barreled gin. Stop by the weekend tasting room to see the spirits come to life in craft cocktails. The details: 59 Blackstone Ave., Pawtucket, 856-4111, rhodeislandspirits.com

White Dog Distilling

Tucked away in the historic Lorraine Mills is an assortment of whiskeys, bourbon, rum, gin and flavored moonshines. “White dog” is common slang for low-proof moonshine that embodies the same characteristics of whiskey. All spirits begin as “white dog,” but as they age, they take on new flavors that make them unique. White Dog Distilling’s husband-and-wife team, along with longtime friends from “The Pack” distilling family, bring you whiskey, unaged corn whiskey, Puppy Bourbon, a young, five-month aged bourbon, and Lella’s Limoncello. Try a tasting or specialty cocktails in person. The details: 560 Mineral Spring Ave. Unit 2-116, Pawtucket, whitedogdistilling.com

O’Brien and Brough

Pronounced “broff,” this husband-and-wife duo are reviving the old fashioned cocktail. The all-in-one whiskey distillery, blending and bottling company is largely focused on blending and maceration in house. The cozy 500-square-foot tasting room features blended rye whiskey straight or stirred into varieties of old-fashioned cocktails. It’s a gallery, the owners say, and whiskey is the art. Located in Bristol’s Unity Park complex near Basil and Bunny, Brick Pizza, Borealis Coffee and Pivotal Brewing, there are plenty of options for making a daytrip out of a visit. The details: 500 Wood St. Unit 112, Bristol, obrienandbrough.com

Sons of Liberty Spirits Co.

Named after the 1765 group of secret society rebels, the distillery crafts American single malt whiskey with names like “Uprising” and “Battle Cry” to fully embody American history. For those who’d prefer something sweeter, check out the limited-release honey chamomile flavored whiskey or canned cocktails. While the underground, speakeasy-style tasting room is closed until further notice, the retail shop is fully operational so you can bring the rebellion home. The details: 1425 Kingstown Rd., South Kingstown, 284-4006, drinksol.com