Class Act

RIM's publisher, John Palumbo, discusses that summer really isn't over even though students are heading back to school.

No matter how old you are, or whether you have children in some level of traditional, pre-college education, the siren’s song of the start of school often provides the psychological trigger that summer is over. (That’s when diehards — like me — are still promoting beaches and clam cakes, versus pumpkins and cider, and pointing out that fall is indeed almost a month away.)

Now, I am a proud, self-made, self-paid graduate of URI and when asked to participate in all sorts of supportive roles, I more often consent than not. When I heard of a class at URI on Friday afternoons that maxxed capacity and was one of the best attended, with extended discussion well beyond the class time, it resonated.

As an undergraduate, I needed to work a plethora of odd jobs to pay for school. These consumed weekends, but none the less, I was into the social ebb and flow at URI, which meant more often than not Thursday nights at the campus pub that took a toll on Friday class attendance. So, a class that is held on Friday afternoons with capacity attendance seemed worth looking into.

“A Touch of Class,” by contributor and former Journal colleague, Andy Smith, takes a look at that phenomenon which, despite the glitz and pom poms stereotype of URI, acknowledges its impact globally, but in this case a lot closer to home.

Lastly our Excellence in Nursing awards, a great tribute to an awesome profession (proud to have a sister as a nurse) – with a personal shout out to the nurses in the cardiac unit at Miriam Hospital. Having been admitted for routine exploratory, yet nerve-wracking tests, my loved ones and I could not help but reflect on their camaraderie, team work, resilience and fortitude. I’d mention names but there are far too many.

Enjoy the Rhode, ladies. –J.J.P.

P.S. As this magazine was assembled for press we learned of the passing of our friend, Nick Cardi, of Cardi’s Furniture and Mattresses. Nick and his brothers have been long time supporters (and sponsors) of our Best of Rhode Island party and even his battle with cancer could not keep him away in recent years. He loved celebrating Rhode Island. NiRoPe forever.