Choose Candidates with Candivote

Three Rhode Island-based teens built a platform that matches users with ideologically similar candidates.

Three local teens teamed up to help Rhode Islanders rock the vote on November 3. They created the website, and it’s designed to encourage democracy in Rhode Island — and maybe the whole country. Arvind Sridhar, first-year student at Brown University, Shivesh Mehrotra, first-year student at Yale University and Lucien Gaitskell, a senior at the Wheeler School, first came up with the idea for Candivote in May.


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The three said they realized the importance of politics while in school together and wanted to find a way to create change within Rhode Island. The idea took the shape of a website where users answer a fifteen-question survey based on their values and changes they would like to see. The website then matches users with politicians in their town or city. Additionally, Candivote provides insight into the politicians’ platforms and backgrounds. “One thing everyone seems to agree on is that the country is so divided, and it’s so hard to understand how to create tangible change from the ground up,” Mehrotra says. “We did all this research and learned about our local politicians…We want to help educate others and also increase our own involvement in local politics.”