Chatter: October

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.

“Best of Rhode Island,” August

Thank you for the Best of award for vintage furniture. Just wanted to pass along that Mike’s recently expanded to 28,000 square feet.

Mike Gagnon
Mike’s Estate Services
West Warwick

I have to compliment the team at Rhode Island Monthly. With every issue, there are more and more interesting articles; for instance, the two articles on sea level rise in the July issue. It is so very important for all Rhode Islanders to be aware of this reality. Ellen Liberman provides such important information with each of her columns and the same goes for Todd McLeish. I also love reading about our various cities, towns and hamlets. Keep up the great work. I love Rhode Island and I love Rhode Island Monthly!
Barbara Bourgette
North Providence


“Good, Better, Best,” August

“Like a scorned lover, they could not let go except to pile on the negatives.” That is just scathingly good.

Nancy J. Allen
New York, New York


“Full Disclosure,” July

Thanks for the excellent review of one of my favorite places to be! I’ve been to nude beaches and nudist resorts all over, from Hawaii to the Caribbean, from Vancouver to California, Texas, Florida and I’ve seen — and been seen by — tens of thousands of naked people over the last thirty-five years. I can’t imagine living any other way. One point about the article, however; a naturalist studies the natural world, a naturist enjoys that world without clothes on.

Rob Robertson
Via Facebook