Chatter: May/June

Readers weigh in on stories in print and online.
May20 Digital Edition

“Ten Great Foodie Neighborhoods,” February
Wonderfully inclusive and thorough article. I especially like the “hidden gems.”
Foodie and the Beast
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It’s still amazing when my little venue, little town of historic wonder and so many food destinations are mentioned. Beyond humbled and honored. Warren and East Bay, baby.
David Podsnap
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I just read your article and was very disappointed. Being that I live in Cranston, close to Rolfe Square, I was interested to learn what you had to say about the places listed in Rolfe Square. The place that we love is Delicious Deli, which was not listed at all. It has been there a number of years and has the best sandwiches and prepared food you could ask for. I would suggest you visit Delicious Deli and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.
Dorothy Masoian

“The Things They Carry,” February
New to the area, so we picked up a copy of Rhode Island Monthly to read about restaurants and entertainment. Didn’t expect to find this great-but-brutal article about PTSD in the (Rhode Island) fire service tucked in between the restaurant reviews.
Dr. S. N. Johnson-Roehr
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“Your Town,”
Loved reading about the shops in Warren, which tempts me to visit, browse and spend an afternoon. Warren has become a real gem!
Terri Ferreia
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