Curl Up With a Good Read and Some Small Bites at Arc{hive} Books and Snackery

In uptown Warren’s bookstore and snackery, browse some pre-loved books to read with a light snack and drink, or to bring home.
Uriah Donnelly And Janet Moscarello

Uriah Donnelly and Janet Moscarello have accomplished their dream of opening a bookstore bar and snackery, where they delivery their combined fifty-year restaurant experience. Photography by Anna Downes.

At Arc{hive} Books and Snackery, a new bookstore in Warren’s Market Street run by Uriah Donnelly and Janet Moscarello, book lovers are encouraged to come in for a quick bite and some drinks while they peruse shelves of rare and unique used books. The bookstore is conjoined with an art gallery by the Collaborative, a non-profit organization in Warren of which Donnelly is the founder and co-director.

Warren, a small, quiet town in the Easy Bay that many people pass through driving along Route 114, contains hidden gems that are easy to find. Once you discover them, Warren will become a frequent hang out spot – an experience the two Rhode Island College graduates know very well.

“We moved to Warren in 2015, bought a house and fell in love with the town because of its walkability and community,” says Moscarello. “That’s why we chose to open in Warren, we wanted to give back to the community.”

Within the first year of living in Warren, Donnelly began working with friends to open the Collaborative’s main art gallery on Main Street. For the past six years, he has been working with the organization to highlight local artists and engage with the community, while his wife, Moscarello, has been practicing photography both professionally and for the Collaborative.

When Donnelly bought the space on Market Street, he began to brainstorm how it can be utilized. First it was as a cozy event space for the Collaborative. Later, the opportunity to use the space to fulfill a lasting dream of his soon came into fruition.

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The duo acquire books from donations, inheritance and their own purchases, including the collections of first editions, rare and unique books.

“I have, for a long time, envisioned this dream of having a used bookstore,” Donnelly says. “We also have a combined fifty years of experience in the restaurant industry, so it just made sense to pair it with something that we already knew. We really wanted to have a bookstore bar.”

Throughout the Covid pandemic, customers became really interested in supporting local businesses and buying art by artists from the Collaborative as a way to give back to the community. Warren’s local businesses are a huge part of the town’s uniqueness, and Donnelly and Moscarello embrace their inolvement.

“[Warren] has grown a lot in the past couple of years, and we would like to think we are part of that,” Donnelly says. 

For Donnelly and Moscarello, it’s important that coming into Arc{hive} is a comfortable experience for everyone. They’ve put in the effort to create a space where those who step in feel welcome. “We really want it to be a place where community can come together,” says Moscarello.

Arc{hive} has food, but it’s not a restaurant. It has alcohol, but it’s not quite a bar. The labels aren’t the important part, it’s the experience that matters. When visiters enter the store, they are encouraged to look around for a good book, go up to the counter and order a drink or a snack if they’d like one, then keep browsing through the collection of used books and art. The menu features a small array of snacks such as almonds, popcorn and a variety of toast dishes, including their piquillo pepper and roasted garlic toast, featured on their Instagram and Facebook.

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The bookstore and snackery also contains an art gallery featuring art pieces made by artists from the non-profit organization the Collaborative.

Donnelly and Moscarello try to locally source ingredients as much as possible from places including Warren’s own Little River Farm. As a result of their farm-to-table efforts, their menu focuses on seasonal items with a mix of casual bites such as chips, French onion dip and other classic snacks.

The used books and menu items at Arc{hive} are set at a low price so that the store is affordable and accessible for visitors. The duo acquire the books from donations, inheritance and making their own purchases, including the collections of first editions, rare and unique books, which people might not find elsewhere. Notable inlays and gold leaf designs are eye-catching, and even though we are always told not to judge a book by its cover, it’s hard not to.

Many different elements attract a person to a book, whether it be nostalgia, the genre or the cover, and the couple’s work for Arc{hive} have accounted for all of them. Arc{hive} Books and Snackery is open Thursday through Saturday in the evening and on Sunday afternoons. Follow the bookstore’s updates on their social media.

4 Market St., Warren,




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