An Ode to Ocean Meadow

Blakely Interior Design incorporates nautical with a colorful twist at this Narragansett property.
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Photography by Aaron Usher

One look at this spacious Narragansett home abutting a beautiful meadow with uninterrupted views of Beavertail Lighthouse and it’s easy to see why the current homeowners were enchanted. Aptly named Ocean Meadow, the property’s outer beauty is only rivalled by its interior.

“The clients first came to us when they were in the process of closing on the home,” says Janelle Blakely, owner of Blakely Interior Design. “It was missing some key elements — they had a very specific desire for an open concept kitchen / living area for hosting family now and into retirement years.”

From there, Blakely worked closely with architect Gail Hallock to realize the home’s full potential.

“Looking at the original plans, we knew the client wouldn’t be satisfied force-fitting the old roof and trying to add in a new structure. So, we encouraged him to go for a more flattering fit,” Blakely says. “He later said, ‘I’m so glad you pushed me on that because I’m much happier with the end result.’ ”

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Blakely Interior Design worked closely with the client to select all of the construction elements in this project, including the wainscoting detail featured throughout the home. Photography by Aaron Usher

A third of the house, including the old kitchen and outdoor patio, was also removed to make way for the larger, more enriched kitchen and family room. Receptive to the design experts’ vision for the kitchen, Hallock gave Blakely full reign of the layout plans. The result is an expansive, colorful space with good flow and subtle nautical elements — an ode to both the seaside location as well as the homeowner’s affinity for fishing. Two immaculate-yet-functional islands with overhead lighthouse-reminiscent light fixtures take center stage in the kitchen, bordered by a gleaming tile backsplash and coastal blue cabinetry which complements the redefined roofline. Light-hued beams and hardwoods frame the space and carry into the attached living room. During the day, the scene is immersed in sunlight thanks to the wall of windows overlooking Ocean Meadow’s eponymous grounds, while at night loungers can bask in the glow of the statement Ralph Lauren brass and leather chandelier. Ideal for cozy family movie / game nights in front of the wainscoting fireplace and tv mount, the room is accented by mixed metals like polished nickel and brass as well as bright, comfortable furnishings.

“Our aesthetic is colorful,” says Blakely. “The blues are a nod to the coastal theme, but there are reds and yellows sprinkled throughout, too. Our talents involve using color effectively and at different levels for different clients depending on their tastes.”

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Photography by Aaron Usher

By the end of the renovation, the home essentially doubled in size, not only due to the kitchen / living room expansion but also through the addition of a three-car garage complete with a second-floor room. Blakely both helped fine-tune the final design and left their colorful mark throughout the home.

“We’re really in our sweet spot when we work on projects where we can play an integral part of the team from the beginning. Then every step of the way is very intentional,” says Blakely. “That’s what we’ve done here, and it was a wonderful process.”

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To match the custom teak and holly striped dining table, Jutras Woodworking also crafted a stunning twelve-foot built-in banquette seat. Photography by Aaron Usher

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