10 Rhode Island Heroes to Celebrate This Women’s History Month

Every Rhode Islander should know these names.

Rhode Island has no shortage of remarkable women through history, but not all have been recognized by historians.

Russell DeSimone, director of the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, says the disparity among the Hall of Fame’s own inductees came into sharp focus when he was considering last year’s cohort.

 “It was quite evident that the preponderance of people in the Hall of Fame were men,” says DeSimone, also a co-author of the book Remarkable Women in Rhode Island.

To combat this uneven representation, DeSimone set out to mark the centenary of the women’s right to vote with the induction of six suffrage leaders in 2020.

“These ladies were remarkable and they were unheralded, frankly,” says DeSimone, adding, “we helped level the playing field but there’s still a preponderance of men.”

So, this Women’s History Month, commit these ten names to memory: suffragettes, yes, but also musicians and entrepreneurs and abolitionists and athletes who shattered glass ceilings so generations of women could change history — and be recognized for their work, too.

Information courtesy of the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame.