We Got This, Rhode Island

Watch: On Rhode Island's Independence Day, an inspiring video reminds us that Little Rhody is poised to rise above the COVID-19 crisis.

As the opening line of the below video proclaims, we Rhode Islanders are “a rebellious, resilient sort.” We always have been; for those who didn’t already know, today, May 4, marks the anniversary of when Rhode Island declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. In fact, our small but mighty state was the first of the original thirteen colonies to do so.

Now, 244 years later, nothing’s changed. We have refused to let the ongoing crisis hold us back, instead confronting it with fierce determination, perseverance, creativity and even, at times, laughter and joy. We are doing it together, as a community. Yes, we may be facing more tough times ahead, including a summer without our beloved festivals and events, but the short-term sacrifices will only make us stronger in the end, and make the return to our regular Rhody routines that much sweeter. For proof, just press play. Also, an extra special thanks to our fellow Rhode Islanders who contributed to the making of this video, including the Flatts, Frog and Toad, PVDLive, Designed by Delsie, Providence Painted Signs, the Sweet Spot Nutrition, Chomp Kitchen and Drinks, Columbus Theatre, Crazy Burger, Wicked Tulips, Midtown Oyster Bar, Trinity Rep, Waterfire, many Rhode Island nurses and first responders and more. 

We got this, Rhode Island. In the meantime, be well and be safe.


The Rhode Island Monthly team