Try Out Regymen Fitness at the Ocean State Community Wellness Center

The dynamic fitness course that will leave you crawling out of the gym but coming back for more.

When the West Bay YMCA in North Kingstown closed in April, the Ocean State Community Wellness Center opened its doors shortly after. The center offers a fresh new fitness opportunity called Regymen, a dynamic fitness course that will leave you crawling out of the gym but coming back for more.

So, what is it? Regymen includes three different focuses: burn, box and build, or high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, power punching, lifting, agility and core work and weight training, respectivley. We took a sixty-minute ‘burn’ class, which incorporated cardio into lightweight and bodyweight training with little to no rest time in between. A heart rate monitor also tracked how many calories were burned.

We sat down with executive director, Kevin Brochu, and coach Andrew Bettencourt to learn more about this fitness concept.


How did Regymen begin?

KB: A gym owner Edward Navan started Regymen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was with OrangeTheory for a few years and then he thought, ‘I can build a better mousetrap. There are components of it that I want to refine.’ With Regymen, you’ve got the lights, the music and the workouts, which are fantastic. It’s community driven, community-based, is great programming and an overall great environment.


Why North Kingstown?

KB: We started here because this is where we were looking to make the biggest impact. We wanted to save the building, renovate the entire space from top to bottom and get it to where it needed to be, but then introduce aspects of fitness and these different elements of fitness that most of the people in this area have never seen before.


How are Regymen exercises more effective?

AB: As you lift weights, you get that excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and that afterburn. A lot of people come in and just do cardio and the minute they get off that treadmill, they’re not burning any more calories. But with resistance training with weights, you’re going to get that afterburn. Trying to get your body back to its normal levels, trying to slow your metabolism back down and get your heart rate back down, all that takes energy and means more calories are being burned.


Have you seen people come back and regularly take class?

KB: There’s a trust element with a lot of the initial members that come in to take a leap of faith with us. It’s proven, it’s science-based and it’s a setup for you. This program, as cool as it is, is 100 percent coach driven. If you’ve got a coach in here that is taking you through a workout that is not motivating and passionate, it’s going to bottom. This is all dependent upon coaches making sure that experience is huge so that people want to come back again and again.