Take a Lunchtime Yoga Break at Providence Power Yoga

Wind down and take a forty-five minute yoga class at this Rhode Island yoga studio.

Rather than hit up the local sandwich shop for a meal you typically take back to your desk to eat, swing by Providence Power Yoga for a lunch break alternative. Break up your work day, get your blood pumping and practice your downward dogs in a forty-five-minute long yoga class.

The lunchtime vinyasa flow class is offered Mon.–Fri. From 12:15–1 p.m. for $5. It’s great for all levels, including those who just want to be active on their lunch break, to more advanced yogis.

We spoke with director of operations, Amy Ravanelle, and instructor Sonig Schiller to learn more: 


When did Providence Power Yoga open?

We’ve been in business for about seven years with our flagship studio here at Bassett Avenue in Providence. Originally, we opened up a second studio down the street, which is currently the Annex, to accommodate the overflow of people. Now, it acts as a yoga school and offers non-heated classes. We also have our other location in East Providence that serves the East Bay, and it has been open for three years. In February 2020 we will open a fourth location.


How many years have you been practicing and teaching?

AR: I’ve been practicing for six years and teaching for about two and a half.

SS: I have ben practicing for about ten years and teaching for four. I’ve been teaching at Providence Power Yoga for about three years.


Who attends lunchtime yoga?

We get a lot of hospital workers from Lifespan and Blue Cross and others who work downtown to take class on their lunch break. It’s convenient for those with kids while they’re at school and it’s a great break from being at your desk all day. Many second- and third-shift workers as well as bartenders will come in. They’ll work all night, sleep until noon and then come in to start their day with yoga. Someone once said that is is a ‘yoga snack.’ A five dollar class is better than a five dollar footlong. Plus, iIt’s a non-heated class so you can return to work in a suit without being sweaty. Our classes have a capacity of fifty-two, and the other day, we had a twenty-eight person class for lunch which is a lot. It’s one of our most popular classes.


What other affordable classes do you offer?

Our 8 a.m. class is popular because it is $8. The classes are affordable and great for those without a membership. A lot of people will walk, bike or even run here for our lunchtime class and then run back to work. As people move to Providence, they join our classes for a sense of community. It’s great for those who just want to take a class without breaking the bank.


The studio’s full day-by-day schedule for all locations as well as membership plans can be found online at providencepoweryoga.com.