Narragansett Bay

Harbor Seals in Narragansett Bay

Seals have been visiting for decades, but scientists say there are still mysteries about these intriguing winter guests.

They “look a lot like fat dogs in a lot of ways, and they show a lot of the same kind of social behavior.”

Island-Hopping in Narragansett Bay

We explored the five key islands in upper Narragansett Bay from the Colonial-era song for schoolchildren: "Prudence, Patience, Hope and Despair, and Little Hog Island, right over there."

Three centuries later, not much has changed there.

Panel Discussion: What’s the future of Narragansett Bay?

Join the TV conversation “Is Narragansett Bay Too Clean?” on June 20.

In our June issue, freelance writer Todd McLeish explores the controversial idea that after years of pollution, fussy bureaucrats have gone too far in the other direction, and now our bay is too clean. Lobstermen Al Eagles and Lanny Dellinger have shellfished in Narragansett Bay for decades and say the water is clear but it’s become a dead environment because…