Rhody Maker: Pam Maddox of Blooming Blossoms, a Sunny Flower Shop on the East Side of Providence

The shop offers myriad options for nature lovers, including well-designed bouquets, houseplants, cards and more.
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Pam Maddox. (Photo credit: Blooming Blossoms)

The floral business wasn’t always on Pam Maddox’s radar; it more or less fell into her lap.

“I was going to school to be a teacher,” says Maddox. “My friend owned a shop and needed to sell it, and I thought it was a good opportunity. So, I helped out my friend and it was life-changing.”

She grew to love the craft and, nearly four decades later, the rest is history. Our of her sunny corner shop on the East Side of Providence, Maddox crafts bouquets for all types of events, the most popular occasion being weddings. The shop also offers flower arrangements for parties, proms and anniversaries and has a robust website for online purchases.

“I think over the last six years, we have really upped our ante on the website and saw an opportunity. I could sell so many more things,” says Maddox.

Maddox has five people working at Blooming Blossoms right now and says her goal is to teach and train as many floral designers as possible. She says the industry is suffering and she wants to introduce more people to the art of flowers. She hopes to get people excited about making arrangements.

“You always have to keep up with the trends and stay edgy. It takes work and if you don’t challenge yourself to do the work, you’ll just stay the same,” she says.


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A “Touch of Garden” bouquet, available for $85 on blooming-blossoms.com.


When searching for inspiration for her bouquets, Maddox says she looks to Mother Nature. She adds that, being in the business for more than thirty-eight years, there isn’t much trial and error when it comes to her designing.

“If you’re a designer, you are pretty confident in your design choices. I think the trial and error is more in the area of a product that you might introduce to your shop — if it worked or not,” she says.


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A selection of houseplants at Blooming Blossoms.


In recent years, the shop expanded to sell even more products, including houseplants, cards and candles. So whether you’re in need of a succulent for a friend or a bunch of sunflowers for your table, Blooming Blossoms is a one-stop shop for nature lovers.

Visit Blooming Blossoms Floral Boutique at 780 Hope Street in Providence, or shop online at blooming-blossoms.com.