Providence’s Hope Street Displays Thank You Banners for Healthcare Workers and Others

Hope Street Merchants Association honors those who have faced the COVID-19 pandemic with resilience.

Hope Street Banner 1

The Hope Street Merchants Association (HSMA) is recognizing the community’s hard work amidst the coronavirus. The organization is a group of individuals devoted to improving community relations and promoting desirable living. To show their appreciation for healthcare workers, teachers, parents, mail carriers and others who have gone above and beyond, the organization installed eight red banners along Hope Street. Each sign thanks different people with a huge ‘Thank You!’ followed by a heart. In addition to their meaningful messages, the banners signal the reopening of businesses along the northern part of Hope Street. These signs run from Lippitt Park to Rochambeau Avenue and are a heartwarming sight to see. Those who have a chance to drive by and see them will be in for a treat.



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