Meet Rhode Island’s Petfluencers

Fill your Instagram feed with these Ocean State-based four-legged cuties.

Forget the fashionistas and foodies and scroll through these local furry friends’ feeds instead.


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Courtesy of @myislandheelers 

Names: Atlas, Blue and Callie
Breed: Australian cattle dogs
Fun fact: The youngest cattle dog, Atlas, who is deaf, was a foster fail through the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association. The “pawrents” communicate with him through hand signals, and his big sister Callie gets his attention when outdoors.


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Courtesy of @ulyssesthesissypitty 

Name: Ulysses
Breed: American pit bull terrier
Fun fact: Ulysses was raised by cats! His best friend is his cat-bro named Earnest, and he’s picked up on his cattitude, kneading and perching on furniture. In addition, he knows an impressive collection of more than forty tricks.


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Name: Oatley
Breed: Sheepdog/poodle mix
Fun fact: Upon meeting a new person,
Oatley will walk through their legs, sometimes lifting shorter people off the ground! He also knows how to pray by putting his paws on his mom’s arm and bowing his head.

About 10,000 followers


Courtesy of 

Names: Raina, Ridley, Wynn and Sweeney Todd
Breed: Domestic shorthairs
Fun fact: All the kitties are rescue pets, adopted across three states at different times. Their owners run the Wicked Whisker, which offers handcrafted bow ties, bandanas and cat toys. The felines also share a house with two more cats (they’re camera shy) and have canine interns: @mafia.mutts.


About 3,000 followers 

Name: Benny Irving
Breed: Cardigan Welsh corgi
Fun fact: When Benny was born, he was called Panda Boy for his unique face pigmentation. Benny is a certified therapy dog who is starting to work with reluctant readers in Rhode Island public schools.


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Courtesy of Kiel James Patrick @KJP

Names: Bennie and Maple
Breed: Golden retrievers
Fun fact: On the drive home from picking him up, the Patrick family’s new puppy started howling when the song “Bennie and the Jets” started playing on the radio, and the name stuck. Maple’s mom is Bennie’s sister and they are inseparable. Their hoomans also have a decent Instagram following (@kjp).


About 19,000 followers

Name: Tito
Breed: Lilac French Bulldog
Fun fact: Tito has never been left alone once in all of his four years.


About 22,000 followers 

Name: Teddy
Breed: American Bully
Fun fact: Teddy loves to snuggle.