A Ranking of Our Favorite Local April Fools’ Day Shenanigans From This Past Weekend

From prank posts to full-on pop ups, Rhode Islanders did not hold back on the tomfoolery this year.


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Pickerel became Pickeral’s, an Italian popup restaurant experience.

Pickerel became Pickerale's, an Italian popup restaurant experience.

It’s Saturday morning. You wake up at your own pace, no alarm to usher you into your workday routine. You stretch, wipe the sleep from your eyes, roll over and pick up your phone to start your leisurely morning scroll through Instagram.

Huh, Moniker Brewery is launching a new line of cream ales? Bold choice, but okay.

Oh wow, I don’t know too much about the country scene, but Morgan Wallen seems like a pretty big headliner for Moonshine Alley…

The Zoo just welcome a baby dinosa—oh.


It’s April Fools’ Day.

I can’t be the only one who got got this weekend, right? (If so, please lie to me. ) I could blame my delirious half-awake state Saturday morning, but I also have to acknowledge the fact that Rhode Island businesses totally stepped up their April Fools’ game this year. While many included the aforementioned “gotcha!” style posts, others went all out (see: Pickerel). Keep scrolling for a ranking of our favorites.


10. Narragansett Beer announced Del’s Shandy Beer Gardens coming to Boston and New York this summer. (This one was a little too real and still has some wondering just when they can swing by for a pint… but as @gansettbeer replied, “Maybe someday!”).


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9. Kimi’s Bar introduced two new bartenders… or did they?


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8. Moniker Brewery announced its intention to become the nation’s first Cream Alery.


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7. Hometown Poke shared this in-restaurant proposal gone wrong. 

6. PVD Food Trucks alerted locals to Presto Strange O‘s generous free coffee deals. 


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5. Wild Earth Farm decided to forgo its livestock and establish an all plant-based meat farm.


4. @prettypowderroomselfies (run by our very own editor-in-chief, Jamie Coelho) called out the prettiest porta potty around.


3. Andrade’s Catch brought back everyone’s favorite sweet treat, Clam Chowda Ice Cream


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2. Roger Williams Park Zoo welcomed a baby triceratops to the Zoo family.


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1. Pickerel opened the new best Italian restaurant in the state.


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(No but really, they did host their own pop-up — make sure to watch until the end of the Reel!)


And an honorable mention goes to Moonshine Alley, who posted a convincing ‘upcoming performance’ poster featuring Country superstar Morgan Wallen, but alas it seems the post has been scrubbed from their feed (perhaps hoping we’ll all forget by the time they announce Taylor Swift next April 1st?).

Did you see any top tier local April Fools’ jokes or pranks not mentioned here? We’d love to add them to the list! Email your tip to Digital Editor Kait Murray at kmurray@rimonthly.com.