House Lust: A Dreamy Mid-Century with a Private Lake on Pojac Point

The home, owned by the same family for the last sixty-five years, is a timewarp. And so are the views.

The beauty of mid-century architecture lies in its ability to both serve and soak up its surroundings. And this house on twenty-two acres on Pojac Point in North Kingstown — designed by Hugh A. Stubbins Jr., the architect behind the Ronald Regan Presidential Library — is an impeccably preserved example.

Numerous walls of windows beckon the outside in, but the conscientious design doesn’t end there. Take the deck overlooking the private Lake Ishmael; it’s built around an existing maple, which evokes a tree house quality (read: tree first, then house; priorities, people). It’s just one of many reasons why this place, on the market since mid-June, is so special. It doesn’t impose its will onto the land — we’re looking at you, cookie-cutter subdivisions — and instead works with it, invites it in, forms a bond and, for the last sixty years, hasn’t broken it. We can see why: The property, leafy and private, is a dream from which one never wants to wake. And the house — extraordinary in its own right, to be sure — is lucky to come in second.

The listing, by Mott and Chace Sotheby’s, mentions that the home needs renovating. But, taking a cue from the ever-wise Michael Pollan, we beg the next homeowner to “update, not too much, mostly plants.” Time stands still here — in 1955, to be exact — and that’s fine by us. The capsule of a kitchen and the “Cave Canem” entryway floor mosaic (“beware the dog” in Latin and, fun fact, also the namesake of a renowned black poetry foundation) are just the icing on the fruitcake.

Here’s your House Lust:

For more information on 30 Pojac Point Rd., North Kingstown, contact Mott and Chace Sotheby’s Claudia Philbrick at 401-315-0808 or visit